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Sags In The City features 2 crew women in their 40s and 50s, sounds terrible, but they are women of the 21st century.  They are the new 30s & 40s women, trendy, colourful, charming, full of energy and character and most importantly super funny.

These 2 unusual women, somehow compliment each other perfectly, although very different in their physical and delivery styles.  They add interesting humour and perspectives to the content of the videos covered.

Sags in the city will be broadcasted through online social media portals via C8 Media website, YouTube, SITC Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest

Gotmot, the lead of the team, goes everywhere, interviewing and talking to people in the streets, finding out their thoughts on subject matters of the day or assigned

Gotmood is the sultry new 30s woman.  She is the camerawoman, the silent one of the two but when she speaks, wit simply spills out




What is

Sags In The City?

  1. Video crew covering products and brands that affect the lifestyles of Malaysians

  2. Brand & product promoters

  3. Character feature of “Godmot & Gotmood”, middle aged but hot-to-trot

  4. Topics of society and social interests

What is Sags In The City’s brand concept?

  1. Sourcing positive response & brand promotion

  2. Live coverage to promote brands and products

  3. Interesting, informative yet fun and funny

What are Sags In The City’s objectives?

  1. Shifting the momentum of advertising

  2. Sublime advertising

  3. Engagement of viewers

  4. Touch point effects

How and where will Sags In the City be conducted?

  1. Random street interviews and chats or at preferred location of choice

  2. Product sampling and/or recognition

  3. Scripted and/or live


Things Happen.

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